Diammonium 2,2'-azinobis[3-ethyl-2,3-dihydrobenzothiazole-6-sulfonate]

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P.A.T Diammonium 2,2'-azinobis[3-ethyl-2,3-dihydrobenzothiazole-6-sulfonate] is a cutting-edge product within the Base Chemicals and Intermediates category. Classified under the Intermediates and Other Intermediates within the Base Chemicals and Intermediates Product Families, this powdered substance exhibits a distinctive yellowish green to green hue. With its advanced chemical composition, P.A.T Diammonium serves as a crucial component in various industrial processes, contributing to the synthesis of diverse chemical intermediates. Its powdered physical form ensures ease of handling and integration into a wide range of applications within the realm of base chemicals and intermediates.

Chemical Name: 2,2′-Azino-Bis(3-Ethylbenzothiazoline-6-Sulfonic Acid) Diammonium Salt

CAS Number: 30931-67-0

Purity (Assay): 98.0 - 98.0 %

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