P.A.T Sulfamic Acid is presented as a white crystalline powder, primarily targeted at industrial markets and applied in chemical manufacturing processes.

Chemical Name: Sulphamic Acid

CAS Number: 5329-14-6

Purity (Assay): 99.5 - 99.5 %

Synonyms: Amidosulfonic Acid, Amidosulfuric Acid, Aminosulfonic Acid, Imidosulfonic acid, Sulfamic Acid, Sulfamidic Acid, Sulfaminic Acid

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Identification & Functionality

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
White crystalline powder
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Insolubility in Watermax. 0.02%-
Sulphate Contentmax. 0.05%-
Loss on Dryingmax. 0.1%-
Puritymin. 99.5%-
Iron Contentmах. 0.003%-
Heavy Metals Content (Pb)max. 10ppm-
pH (1% solution)1.0 - 1.4--

Packaging & Availability

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Packaging Information

Sulfamic Acid from PAT is packaged in 25 kg bags or 500 kg super sacks.