ProFlex MH is a versatile plasticizer designed to enhance the properties of various resin formulations. Belonging to the sulfonamide chemical family, it is specifically tailored for use in polyamide, polyacetal, polycarbonate, and polysulfone resins. This product offers notable features, including heat resistance, low-temperature performance, and low water absorption.

Functions: Plasticizer

Chemical Family: Sulfonamides

End Uses: Polyacetal Resins, Polyamide Resins, Polycarbonate Resins, Polysulfone Resins

Features: Heat Resistance, Low Temperature Performance, Low Water Absorption

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Identification & Functionality

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Product Highlights
  • ProFlex MH is a condensation product of formaldehyde and toluene sulfonamides.
  • It is a thermoplastic resin.
  • The product improves properties of coatings made of various resins.
  • Exceptionally light color, good light stability and low viscosity in solution are among the interesting properties of this resin.

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