CROCODILE GREEN Pigment Dispersion (PU Foams)

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CROCODILE GREEN Pigment Dispersion (PU Foams) is a color reference specially formulated for the coloration of flexible, rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane foams. It is based on organic pigments dispersed in carriers. This shade, and our other color dispersions, are fully compatible with both polyester and polyether polyurethane foams. Addition rates range between 0,1% to 5% on polyol, depending on the desired shade. The illustration simulates shade and colour intensity at a concentration of 2%, at 40 Kg/m3 density. To create your own color, submit a request or contact an Expert to receive our color match form. PAT is an authorized REPI formulator of liquid color dispersions. We match to PANTONE, RAL, and Federal Standard.  Online Color Calibration: The colors on the screen may not accurately reflect the true color tone. Before placing any order, please check with our experts.

Functions: Pigment

End Uses: Flexible Foam, Polyurethane Foams, Rigid Foams, Semi-Rigid Foams

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