Rowadekor® M-115270

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Rowadekor® M-115270 is a ready-to-use coating formulated as a 2K (2-component) system suitable for lacquers and radiation-curable coatings. Tailored for application on decorative foils, furniture foils, and deep drawing applications, it is compatible with PVC foils. This coating variant is specifically designed for furniture coatings and applications where durability and flexibility on decorative and deep-drawn surfaces are necessary.

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Coating, Lacquers, Radiation Curable Coating

Application Area: Decorative Foils, Deep Drawing Applications, Furniture Foils

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: PVC Foils

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Ethyl acetate, Methoxy propyl acetate, Methyl ethyl ketone
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Solid Content28--

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