Rowakryl® G-35089 is a lacquer specifically designed for applications in awnings, halls, tents, and swimming pools. Notable features of this product include ease of cleaning, good weather stability, resistance to plasticizer migration, outdoor durability, UV resistance, and soil resistance. Tailored for outdoor settings, this lacquer ensures durability, resistance against weathering elements, and easy maintenance across various surfaces and environments.

Product Type: Lacquers, Solventborne Coating

Application Area: Awnings, Halls, Tents, Truck Covers

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: PVC-based Membrane

Features: Easy To Clean, Good Weather Stability, Outdoor Durability, Plasticizer Migration Resistance, Soil Resistance, UV Resistant

Chemical Family: Acrylics & Acrylates

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Soluble in
Acetone, Methoxy propyl acetate, Methyl ethyl ketone
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Solid Content13.6%-

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