P.A.T 2 Mercaptoethanol, also known as Beta-Mercaptoethanol, is a versatile chemical with applications spanning various industries. Primarily utilized in the production of water-borne coatings for acrylic resins, it serves as a crucial component for formulating corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers. Its role extends to acting as a tin-type stabilizer, a chain transfer agent in polymerization processes, and a valuable component in anti-corrosion systems for oilfield applications. As a member of the alcohols chemical family, 2-Mercaptoethanol plays a multifaceted role, contributing to the effectiveness and performance of diverse products across different industrial applications.

Chemical Name: Beta-Mercaptoethanol

CAS Number: 60-24-2

Functions: Corrosion Inhibitor, Stabilizer

Chemical Family: Alcohols

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
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  • P.A.T 2 Mercaptoethanol is used in acrylic resin production of water-borne coatings.
  • It also has applications as a tin type of stabilizer, a chain transfer agent in polymerization processes, and an anti-corrosion systems for oilfield applications.

Applications & Uses

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Physical Form
Colorless transparent liquid
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Assay Contentmin. 99%-
Colormax. 100HazenPt/Co
Latex Separation Timemax. 1minutes-
pHmin. 3.0--

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