Deuteron® AP 348 comprises polyethylene wax presented in coarse particle form, specifically pastilles tailored for application in powder coatings. Due to its presentation, it requires extrusion or melting as part of the manufacturing process. Its appearance showcases white pastilles, facilitating ease of use within powder coating applications.

Chemical Family: Polyethylene Waxes, Polyolefins, Waxes

End Uses: Powder Coating

Features: High Gloss, Improved Slip, Matting

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

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Product Highlights
  • Deuteron® AP 348 is a Polyethylene wax in a coarse particle form (pastilles) for the use in powder coatings. Because of the supply form it is necessary to extrude/ melt Deuteron® AP 348 during the manufacturing process.
  • In powder coating applications Deuteron® AP 348 leads to a smooth matting effect in the range of satin gloss systems. At increased addition levels the use of low meting PE wax can lead to a blooming effect.

Applications & Uses

Coating Type
Application and Dosage Information

Deuteron® AP 348 is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Powder coatings
  • Plastic extrusion

The use of Deuteron® AP 348 especially improves performance in:

  • Matting (sating gloss)
  • Slip


  • 0.5 - 1.0 % (calculated on the complete formulation) depending on binder, application and required properties.


  • Deuteron® AP 348 needs to be added in the premix step prior to extrusion to ensure a proper distribution in the system.


White pastilles
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Densityapprox. 0.95g/cm³-
Melting Point85.0°C-
Particle Sizemax. 3mm-

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • USA
Packaging Information

Steel drum (25 kg net)

Storage & Handling

Storage Conditions

24 months at room temperature and dry conditions. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 °C.