Guar Gum Powder RICOL - RG - 250

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Rama Gum Guar Gum Powder RICOL - RG - 250 is a product primarily used in the cosmetic industry as a viscosity modifier. It belongs to the category of rheology modifiers within the domain of cosmetic ingredients. This guar gum powder plays a crucial role in cosmetics by enhancing and controlling the viscosity of various formulations. It is available in a powdered form and is particularly valuable for its viscosity-modifying properties, contributing to the overall performance and texture of cosmetic products.

Ingredient Name: Guar Gum

Physical Form: Powder

Synonyms: Cyamopsis gum, E 412, α-D-galacto-β-D-Mannan, α-D-Galactopyrano-β-D-mannopyranan

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Ingredient Name

Applications & Uses

Product Applications
  • Bakery Products: Guar gum improves dough yield, texture, and shelf life of baked goods. It also provides better moisture retention.
  • Dairy Products: In products like ice cream, it prevents crystal growth, enhances smoothness, and provides a creamy texture. It’s also used in cheese, yogurt, and milk products for thickness and stability.
  • Beverages: Guar gum acts as a stabilizer in fruit beverages, preventing the settling of solid particles.
  • Sauces and Dressings: It’s used to improve the viscosity, pourability, and stability of sauces, salad dressings, and ketchup.
  • Processed Foods: In canned soups or frozen foods, guar gum helps maintain consistency and texture.
  • Confectionery: Guar gum provides better texture, shelf life, and controls moisture in candies and chocolates.
  • Meat: It’s used in processed meat applications for its water-binding capacity and to reduce fat content.
  • Pet Food: Guar gum helps to form the gel-like consistency in wet canned pet food.
  • Gluten-free Products: As a gluten-free ingredient, it’s used in gluten-free recipes to improve texture and elasticity, acting as a substitute for gluten in baking.
  • Fiber Supplements: Guar gum is a source of soluble dietary fiber and is used in fiber supplements and foods.


Physical Form
White fine powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscositiy (1%Solution, After 24 Hours)5000 - 5500cPs-
Viscositiy (1%Solution, After 2 Hours)min. 5000cPs-
Proteinmax. 5%-
pH (1% M)5.5 - 7.0--
Moisture Contentmax. 12%-
Ash Contentmax.1%-
Gum Contentmin. 80%-
Fatmax. 0.8%-
Acid Insoluble Residuemax. 3%-
Microbiological Values
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molds and Yeastmax. 500/g-
Escherichia coliAbsent--
Acrobic Plate Countmax. 5000/g-
Heavy Metals
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Mercury Contentmax. 1ppm-
Cadmium Contentmax. 1ppm-
Arsenic Contentmax. 2ppm-
Heavy Metals (as Lead)max. 10ppm-
Lead Contentmax. 2ppm-
Granulometry Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Particle-size Distribution (on 100 Mesh)max. 1%-
Particle Size Distribution (Through 200 Mesh)min. 95%-

Brookfield Viscosity- Measured At 1% Solution, Stir On 2000 Rpm For 10 Minutes, Result On Brookfield Viscometer Rvt Model Using Spindle No. 4 At 20 Rpm, Temperature At 25 °c.

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Canada
  • USA

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 months