Sufravon 840Gv2 is a versatile liquid solution serving as an anionic surfactant, cosurfactant, and surfactant in various formulations. It holds organic certifications, complying with COSMOS and ECOCERT standards. In home care applications, it finds utility in liquid dishwash and liquid laundry detergents. Additionally, in IandI (institutional and industrial) cleaning applications, Sufravon 840Gv2 contributes to the formulation of multipurpose cleaners.

Chemical Name: Fatty acids, coco, potassium salts

Functions: Cosurfactant, Surfactant, Surfactant (Anionic)

CAS Number: 61789-30-8

Labeling Claims: Organic

Certifications & Compliance: COSMOS, ECOCERT, Organic Certified

Synonyms: Potassium cocoate

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Identification & Functionality

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Labeling Claims
  • Better color protection of textiles
  • Strengthens clothes fiber
  • Excellent stain remover

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  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • USA