ProFlex CP is para-toluene sulfonic acid employed as a catalyst in various chemical processes. Its applications extend to serving as a pH regulator in electroplating processes. Notably, ProFlex CP, when combined with nitric acids, finds utility in a process known as 'bright dip.' This process imparts a shiny surface to metals such as copper, silver, gold, chrome, and nickel during electroplating. The use of ProFlex CP in these processes highlights its role in achieving desired surface characteristics and enhancing the quality of electroplated metal finishes.

CAS Number: 6192-52-5

Functions: Buffers & pH Stabilizer, Catalyst

Chemical Family: Sulfonic Acids & Derivatives

Reaction Type: Esterification

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ProFlex CP is a strong catalyst with a high protonating capacity. ProFlex CP is used as catalyst in the following processes:

  • Acid cured wood coatings.
  • Fatty acid esterification.
  • Curing melamine formaldehyde resins.
  • Aldol and enol reactions.
  • Nitrosations of alkenes.
  • Synthesis of azo dyes.
  • Synthesis of various other dyes and pigments.

ProFlex CP is used as a pH regulator in electroplating processes. ProFlex CP (in combination with nitric acids) can be used for what is called the ‘bright dip’ giving a shiny surface to copper, silver, gold, chrome and nickel electroplated metal.


Physical Form
White crystalline powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Free Acid (as H₂SO₄) (Electronic Grade)max. 0.03%-
Free Acid (as H₂SO₄) (Reagent Grade)max. 0.1%-
Moisture Content (Electronic Grade)max. 0.1%-
Free Acid (as H₂SO₄) (Refined Grade)max. 0.7%-
Moisture Content (Reagent Grade)max. 0.9%-
Moisture Content (Refined Grade)max. 2.3%-
Active Content (Refined Grade)min. 97.0%-
Active Content (Reagent Grade)min. 99.0%-
Active Content (Electronic Grade)min. 99.9%-
Melting Pointapprox. 106°C-
Molecular Weight190.2g/mol-
Bulk Density1200Kg/m³-
Iron Content (Electronic Grade)max. 1ppm-
Iron Content (Reagent Grade)max. 10ppm-
Iron Content (Refined Grade)max. 20ppm-
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Solubility in Waterapprox. 700g/l-

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Packaging Information

ProFlex CP is packaged in 55.115 lb (25 kg) polypropylene bags.