Commercial Sodium Citrate Dihydrate

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Sucroal Commercial Sodium Citrate Dihydrate is the salt of citric acid, resulting from the reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide. Trisodium citrate dihydrate is available as translucent crystals or as granular or fine granular powder. Manufactured with non-allergenic ingredients, non-genetically modified organisms, and non-organic volatile solvents or substances, trisodium citrate dihydrate is odorless with a cool saline taste.

Ingredient Name: Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate

Chemical Name: Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate

CAS Number: 6132-04-3

Functions: Acidity Regulator, Buffers & pH Stabilizer, Chelating Agent, Chelating Agent, Flavor Enhancer, Intermediate, Mineral Source, Preservative, Stabilizer, Stabilizer

Chemical Family: Citrates, Organic Acids, Sodium Salts

Synonyms: Sodium Citrate Hydrate

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Agrochemical Functions
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Molecular formula

Features & Benefits

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Applications & Uses

Applicable Processes
Food & Nutrition Applications
Main Uses

Trisodium citrate dehydrate may be used in the : 

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Industrial applications
  • Building industry
  • Control and regulator of acidity
  • Ph stabilizer
  • Buffers agent
  • Chelating metal ions
  • Chelating of calcium
  • Chelated agent in fertilizers
  • Modifies and enhances the flavor of food and canned goods
  • Nutritional and sport beverages as an available source of sodium
  • Antifreeze
  • Flavor enhancer
  • Preserves stability of active ingredients in medicines.
  • It is a biodegradable product


Odorless to light maple lactone odour
Saline taste
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Arsenic Contentmax. 1.0mg/Kg-
Assay (Anhydrous base)99.0 - 100.5% w/w-
Bulk Density (Fine)1009Kg/m³-
Bulk Density (Granular)1025Kg/m³-
Chloride Contentmax. 50mg/Kg-
Clarity of Solution (solution 40 %w/v)max. 4.0NTU-
Color (solution 40 %w/v, 420 nm)min. 98.0% T-
Heavy Metals Contentmax. 5mg/Kg-
Iron (as Fe, sol. 40% w/w, %T 360nm)max. 5mg/Kg-
Lead Contentmax. 0.5mg/Kg-
Mercury Contentmax. 1.0mg/Kg-
Molecular Weight294.1g/mol-
Oxalates (as oxalic acid dihydrate, 520nm)max. 100mg/Kg-
pH (solution 5% w/v, at 25ºC)8.0 - 8.7--
Sulphates Content (as sulphates solution 40%w/v)max. 100mg/Kg-
Water Content (180 °C, 18 hours)11.0 - 13.0% w/w-
Particle Size Distribution
Granular Under Sieve ASTM E-11 N° 16 (Mesh 1180 μm) max. 2 
Through Sieve ASTM E-11 N° 80 (Mesh 180 μm) max. 2 
Fine Under Sieve ASTM E-11 N° 30 (Mesh 600 μm) max. 1
Through Sieve ASTM E-11 N° 100 (Mesh 150 μm) max. 10

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories

Safety & Health

Safety Data
  • Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate could be irritating to contact with the eyes, skin and airways.
  • Please use personal protective equipment, as gloves, safety goggles and respiratory protection.
  • It is recommended to be handled in well ventilated areas and in the explos ion proof equipment.

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Canada
  • USA
Packaging Information

Sucroal Commercial Sodium Citrate Dihydrate is available in following package sizes 25kg, 50lb, 500kg and 1000kg.

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
5 years
Storage and Shelf Life Conditions
  • Sucroal Commercial Sodium Citrate Dihydrate may be stored at room conditions at less than 30 °C and a relative humidity below 70%.
  • Shelf life is 5 years if kept it in their original packaging and following good storage practices.
  • Sucroal Commercial Sodium Citrate Dihydrate should be stored on dry pallets in roofed and well ventilated areas.
  • A long period of storage is recommended to keep the product at less than 20 °C and a relative humidity below 50%.
  • Avoid high humidity, high temperatures and direct or indirect sunlight over the product during transportation or storage.