Trapylen® 112 S is a chemically modified chlorinated polypropylene that stands out as a low-chlorinated variant with exceptional affinity to polyolefinic plastics, including PP, PP/EPDM-blends, and, to a limited extent, PE. Distinguished by a higher molecular weight and a narrow molecular weight distribution compared to other modified chlorinated types, Trapylen® 112 S finds versatile applications. It can be employed as a straight primer or as an adhesion promoter for base coats and pigmented primers. Its primary use is in paintings and coatings for molded parts, as well as sealing profiles in the automotive industry, exemplified in applications such as bumpers, side panels, and door seals.

Chemical Family: Chlorinated Polyolefins (CPO)

Functions: Adhesion Promoter, Coupling Agent

Product Type: Primer

Application Area: Automotive Bumpers, Side Panels

Application Method: Brush, Dip Coating, Spray

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