Trapylen® 950 S is a newly developed chlorine-free polyolefin that exhibits exceptional adhesion properties specifically on polyolefin substrates such as polypropylene, PP/EPDM thermoplastic rubbers, and, to a certain extent, polyethylene. Notably, it demonstrates favorable solubility in non-aromatic solvents. This grade finds application as an adhesion promoter in printing inks, adhesives, and paints, serving both as an adhesion booster and a straight primer.

Chemical Family: Maleics, Polyolefins

Functions: Adhesion Promoter, Coupling Agent

Product Type: Primer

Labeling Claims: Chlorine-free

Application Area: Lamination

Application Method: Brush, Dip Coating, Spray

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

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Features & Benefits

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Product Highlights
  • TRAPYLEN® 950 S is newly developed chlorine-free polyolefin with excellent adhesion properties on polyolefin substrates such as polypropylene, PP/EPDM thermoplastic rubbers and - with limitations to adhesion strength - as well to polyethylene.
  • Further advantage of this grade is its good solubility in non-aromatic solvents.
  • TRAPYLEN® 950 S is used as adhesion promoter for in printing inks, adhesives and paints, or as a straight Primer

Applications & Uses

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Using TRAPYLEN® 950 S as a primer dissolve the resin in xylene to 5 % solids. This primer can be applied by spraying, dipping, brushing or printing.

  • Drying conditions: 30 s at 80°C, residual quantity of resin about 3 - 4 g/m².

When using TRAPYLEN® 950 S as adhesion promoter in base coats/pigmented primers, the compatibility of the system must be checked. The resulting base coat can be applied by spraying, dipping, brushing or printing if the system allows it.

  • Drying conditions: Usually 30 min at 80 °C, residual quantity about 15 g/m².


Light yellowish granules
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular Weight60000g/mol-
Viscosity (at 10% xylene)60mPa.s-
Softening Point105°C-

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • USA
Packaging Information

Carton boxes with Al-inliner of 15 kg.

Storage & Handling

Storage and Shelf Life Conditions
  • At least 12 months in closed packing at 15°C.
  • Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Also available in dissolved versions.